Basic & Translational Sciences

Beyond clinical research, Phase Up works with healthcare organizations needing assistance with pre-clinical and cross over infrastructure with our Basic Sciences Assessment and Strategic Planning services.

Basic and translational research involves having intimate knowledge of required structures and governance, both in administrative, as well as scientific areas, ensuring cost effective and well-run shared core facilities.   An in-depth understanding of funding sources and their unique regulations is key in establishing a successful transdisciplinary research program structure and operation.

The Phase Up strategists examine the current state of basic and translational sciences operations, which includes governance, compliance, charge back systems, workflows and finances.  The result is a plan for an optimal transdisciplinary structure that, when applicable, is complimentary of the clinical research enterprise.  With the expertise to measure performance and finances, the Phase Up team provides you with the information and guidance you need to improve basic sciences operations, finances and integration into the overall research infrastructure.


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